Monday, May 30, 2011

We'll Paint the Town

Hello, babies. Sorry for the absence, my life has been a bit crazy lately.

We all know that can only mean I have new boy news, right?

I had every intention of introducing all kinds of old flames in this post, but I am just too eager to tell my recent news to even stand it.

SO, remember Dom and Gab? Well, let's just say I've been... Dom-ing and Gabbing quite a bit lately, if you know what I mean.

The Dom part of the story:

I'm pretty bored with that whole situation.
The thrill? Yeah, not so thrilling anymore.
That being said, I am seeing him tomorrow for an "exciting appointment." Eeeps.
Thrilling? No. Still a little saucy? Yeah.

The Gab part of the story:

I will forever be a sucker for this stud, but being around him is kind of like hearing your favorite song on a loop-- you love the song, but you get sick of it after listening to it for four hours.
But, irritation aside, my body is like a magnet to his. I find myself physically moving close to him sometimes.

The other night, I had a dream (CORNY ALERT) about him.
We were in a grocery store singing and dancing (my subconscious gaydar was working overtime this night), and I had that swelling feeling where my heart felt big and my stomach fell into my butt. Then, of course, I woke up with a mega-urge to pee.

It was nice to fall in love with him in my 4am dream land, but IRL I'm avoiding the "L" word like the plague.

ANYWAY, the sexual tension between the two of us is pretty intense. We'll see where that goes.

Then there's New Boy (from here on out we'll call him Mag), but his story will have to wait until I'm less sleepy.

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